Fun with Lashes

Fun with Lashes

Eyelashes are all the rage for adding that final touch of picture perfectness. With so many different styles now, you can wear them during the day as well as on special evenings out. PROVICI’S lashes are made of 100% human hair and come in four different styles ranging from very natural to red carpet dramatic. What’s even better is that they are reusable.
Lashes help make your eyes stand out more and can make them appear enchanting They are great for special occasions and show up really well for pictures. If you have short or sparse lashes you can thicken them up and or lengthen them instantly when you use false eye lashes.
They can be applied very easily using a pair of tweezers, and PROVICI’S signature She Gloo (comes in black or clear. The black blends in with your eyeliner perfectly!).
Before you apply false eye lashes, you want to ensure that they are the right length for your eyes. If the lash band is too long for your lash line, you’ll want to cut from the outer corner, because the inner corners of the falsies have shorter hair and you don’t want to cut that off. There should be a little space left from the inner corner of the eye as so that the false lash hair doesn’t stick into your eyes.
Lashes are usually the last step in your makeup process. That means foundation, blush, eye shadows, liner and mascara are all already on.

sarah1 –
STEp 1 – Hold the lashes up to your eyes and line them up from the inner corner, towards the outer corner. Remember to leave a bit of space from the inner corner and whatever is flowing over past the outer corner of the eye, cut off. Sometimes they will fit perfectly and no trimming will be necessary.

sarah7 –
STEp 2 – Take your tube of glue and squeeze a little bit out until it spills over the side of the tube. Then holding the lashes with your tweezers you will want to drag the spine of the lash along the glue getting an even thin line along the lash. Make sure to get the ends with the glue as well so they won’t lift once applied.

sarah4 –
STEp 3 – When applying lashes by yourself, tilt head back with chin up while eyes are looking down into the mirror. Hold the lash with your tweezers and line it up to your eye before placing down. Place the lash spine as close you can against your lash line. Place it down first, then pick up your tweezers and go along the false lash base and tack down the inner corner and outer corner.

sarah3 –
STEp 4 – It won’t take long to dry, about 10-20 seconds. Repeat process to the other eye. Once both eyes have the lashes on, go over the false eye lash spine with your liner again to further camouflage the base of the false lashes.

sarah8 –
STEp 5 – The PROVICI lashes are reusable, so remember to remove at the end of the night. Just lift from the outer corner and peel inwards.

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Model: Sarah Pogson
Artist: Tia Provici
Written by: Tia Provici & Alana Klein
Photographer: Alejandro Jose,