Flavours of favours

Flavours of favours

A pinay’s guide to planning your big day

We’ve seen ‘em all. Potted plants, figurines, candles, chocolate bars, miniature bottles of bubbly – think of something pretty and pint-sized, and it’s almost certainly been done.

Wedding favours are a physical takeaway for your guests, a keepsake to simply say “thank you for joining us on our special day.” It’s a nice way to show your appreciation for their presence and presents.

Modern weddings have started veering away from the traditional wedding favour options, including lavish candy bars, donations to charity, and gasp – dare we say it – forgoing the favours in their entirety!

Below, you’ll find a few tips on providing the perfect takeaway for your family and friends.

  1. Don’t blow your budget.
  2. Presumably, you’ve read my previous article on planning your wedding and have built an overall budget for each purchasing category. If you haven’t (shame on you!), simply set your mind on a reasonable price for what you’re willing to pay, and make sure this cost includes the products, packaging and printing for your favours. Also keep in mind that you’ll be providing these treats for each and every single person at your party, so a few dollars per head can quickly add up.

  3. Don’t be afraid to DIY (it may help you save some serious moolah).
  4. Wedding favours give you and your spouse an opportunity to create a completely personalized package for your guests. If you’re not the ritzy type, then you certainly don’t need to spend a fortune for something your guests may not even use. If you’re packaging these items yourself, you’ll get sizable cost savings by buying in bulk and printing at home.

    If you’re looking to purchase some attractive packaging (ribbons, boxes, cellophane bags, etc.), I recommend checking out local warehouses like WR Display& Packaging and Gale’s Wholesale. There, you’ll score the best bang for your buck while still getting retail quality goods.

  5. Make it your own.
  6. Again, you don’t need to choose a typical parting gift if you want to make it more you – it is your wedding, after all. Whether it’s imprinting your names or one of your favourite quotes on the packaging, or thematically shaping the gift around one of your favourite hobbies, TV shows, or movies, there are so many different ways to make your favours truly representative of the bride and groom.

  7. You can choose the practical route.
  8. And by this, I mean deciding on a favour that guests will most likely use – or consume. Edible treats, like chocolates, cake pops and candy bars, are universally pleasing. You can get creative with these items by choose your favourite flavours or brands of candy. My only word of caution is to make sure your goodies are allergy-free. Avoid providing anything contaminated with nuts, unless you can provide an alternative for those with sensitivities.

  9. Don’t forget the kids.
  10. Oftentimes, your takeaways are catered towards adult fulfillment. If you’re choosing to invite guests under the age of eighteen, you can’t miss out on gifting something special for the little ones (and you certainly don’t want to provide them with a book of matches or miniature bottle of champagne).

    Be prepared to provide them with something fun, and possibly an activity they can work on during the evening, like a puzzle, toy or colouring book.

  11. Do the right thing.
  12. There are kindhearted folks in this world who would rather save their favour money to support a charitable cause versus splurging on goodies for their guests. This noble action is charming, thoughtful and can connect with whatever cause you care most about.

Make it yours, get creative and rest assured you can make your favours work with whatever budget you have in mind!