…five years of remembering the life and love of Rosalinda Linsangan Natividad Cantiveros

…five years of remembering the life and love of Rosalinda Linsangan Natividad Cantiveros

we all remember…

five winters…

a gentle blow of cold air in the wintry march of the year
brings the vivid memory of your passing.
void you left behind has never been filled
and our hearts remained with chains.
yet, your passing made as stronger
and let your legacy to be alive and inspiring.
that night you left us, dark clouds shrouded our being
as if hopes and wishes were all astrayed.
we became numbed: no words to explain!
so sudden, sadness and grief reigned.
the world seems turned into a complete pause;
and remember the things you’ve done with cause.
and thought of heaven as your new place to be
where no more pain and sorrow but happiness with thee.
deep grief feelings tainted by our mortality
and mourning had spoken and accepting reality.
yet, so weak are our senses, but our strength of soul persist
and say prayers for you to be at peace.

yes, amidst the gripping grief, more prayers are whispered
a certain calm, a quiet peace, acceptance prevailed.

immortality is a blessing for what you had lived and gave
for what you had loved and worked so brave.
and from the community you had served
forever in our hearts as long as we live.

the seed you had planted is now a sturdy tree.
oh, the leaves which give shades to the weary,
and the flowers are adored by many;
and the fruits are shared by all without envy.

with so much love we had shared
with so much laughter as most people heard
with so much life stories to be told and to be listened…

your love, we have felt with so much warmth
your hope, we are living with it to reach a much clearer path.

five years have passed, so much to tell you about!
the ultimate meanings of care and of love.
we are missing you so much for memories are alive and fresh like dew drops.

we will remember you, forever.
amidst the wonders of five winters;
the new lives of five springs;
and full of life of five summers;
and the silent pause of five grey novembers!

we will remember you, forever!

love, the greatest act of all among the living, and even in your passing,
in our hearts, love is so filling, so consummating, and forever!
still with a heavy heart with an uplifting soul,
we do love you most, forever, mom…

rod, ron, and john
from natividad and cantiveros families and relatives and friends!

let us pause for a while as we share on
what sir winston churchill had written:
“we make a living by what we get,
we make a life by what we give.”