Filipinos advance in “Canada’s Got Talent”

Filipinos advance in “Canada’s Got Talent”

Canada finally knows what Winnipeg has known for a long time. Kayumanggi’s Got Talent! The Kayumanggi Philippine Performing Arts have been entertaining crowds at Folklorama every summer and were given a chance to prove thier talents in front of Martin Short, Stephan Moccio and Measha Bruueggergosman on a recent episode of “Canada’s Got Talent”.

Kayumanggi performed Singkil, a traditional Filipino-Muslim cultural dance depicting a tale of a princess escaping an evil king. After their ninety second performance, Measha Bruueggerosman commented, “I was really, really looking forward to the representation from the Filipino community because I heard there was a large one. So thank you very much.”

Newly arrived in Canada last year, singer Paul Kelvin Ong won the votes of the judges with his singing of “Somewhere” from the award winning Broadway musical, “West Side Story.” Three yeses from the judges and a standing ovation left him speechless.

Stephan Moccio remarked, “You have a sweet voice. Bravo, I’m intrigued. I really want to see what’s next from you, Paul.”

Good luck and best wishes to Paul Kelvin Ong and the Kayumanggi Philippine Performing Arts in Toronto! Next round starts at the end of March!
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