Filipino designer, artist collaborate to create Lady Gaga’s outfit

Filipino designer, artist collaborate to create Lady Gaga’s outfit

More and more Filipino designers and artists are being recognized internationally.

Only recently, the House of Gaga adopted the creation of Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro and sculptor Leeroy New for the cover of Lady Gaga’s new single “Marry The Night.”

Modified ?according to the artistic direction of the music video, the official credit of the stylish, offbeat outfit that cited Tesoro and New was posted by Gaga’s stylist-friend, Nicola Formichetti, via his website.

Tesoro said the black rubber top and shorts outfit was a product of his collaboration with New, known for his avant-garde works, which appeared from their Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 collection.

Considered as a fashion prodigy, Tesoro is also the creator of well-known heel-less shoes, which graced the catwalk of the London Fashion Week last month during the Spring/Summer 2012 collection showcase of French designer Florian Joyet. The shoes are also available for online?purchase on US shopping website since last May.

Leeroy New, on the other hand, is a young sculptor with an affinity for creating forms out of the ordinary. His recent works include the Psychopompous! and Anarchophobia exhibits.