Erich renews partnership with Enchong Dee

Erich renews partnership with Enchong Dee

Actress Erich Gonzalez and Enchong Dee renew their love team after two years of not working together.

Erich play the role of Erin, a rich girl in the upcoming romantic-drama film “Once a Princess,” a movie adaptation of the Precious Hearts Romances novel of the same title.

Enchong is the geek Leonard, the subject of flirting by Erich. Afterwards she suddenly breaks up with him without fanfare.

Later after seven years without seeing each other, Erin and Leonard’s paths meet again. However there is a reversal in their roles in life. Erin is not the rich girl who gets everything she wants. Her marriage is even falling apart.

The question is if Leonard still loves Erin and makes an effort to save her? See the movie to know.

A production of Star Cinema and Skylight Films, “Once A Princess” is set to hit theaters in mid-March.