Down 10lbs & third chin gone! My Summer Fitness Challenge

Down 10lbs & third chin gone! My Summer Fitness Challenge

There are times I dread visiting my aunt (tita), actually it’s every single time. Every time I visit my aunt, she yells “Ang taba mo!” (You’re fat!) All this while she feeds me a plate full of rice, pancit and adobo! She’s definitely concerned about my growing waistline and has no problem pointing that out to me, regardless of who’s around to listen.

After several months of travelling, attending daily social functions and not eating the most healthy including the Jumbo Jet Dogs during the final week of Winnipeg Jets games, I decided to do something. I had to because I didn’t feel like having to purchase new clothes for the summer. On Facebook, I saw several friends touting the results from a new Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge and after speaking directly with them, I decided that this would be the “thing” to get the ball rolling. Now that I’m a month into the program, I’ve lost 10lbs and my third chin is lost and I hope it doesn’t come back. My friend Brenda is down 28lbs over 90 days and she looks and feels amazing.

Combined with healthy eating, active living, the personal Body By Vi Challenge I’ve decided to take on includes some pretty lofty health and fitness goals. Where shall I start? Firstly, in less than 6 weeks, I’m hoping to run the Manitoba Half Marathon for the fifth time. My goal is to run that in less than 2 hours. My previous personal best is 2 hours, 4 mins. My next goal, ideally is to shed away 25lbs over the 90 day challenge and get back to a weight when I was in university. My cardio workout includes jogging, playing ultimate frisbee and evening Zumba classes.

Another crazy goal, more of a dare, is to participate in the Dirty Donkey Mud Run. My brother in Vancouver is training for a similar event called the Tough Mudder in Whistler in June. To sum up the challenge, it’s a 5km obstacle course as we crawl, run and wade through mud. Crazy! And I have friends and strangers wanting to join me. You can too! The Dirty Donkey Mud Run is on August 18 and supports the MS Society. More information about the race can be found at the website.

Who’s open to taking on a 90-Day transformational challenge? Can we make Winnipeg “One Fit City”? For more information about the Body By Vi personal challenge, visit Who wants to feel good, look good and make some money along the way?