Controversial Duterte on his Seventh Month

by Max Sangil

On his seventh months in office President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration still deserves the political grace of our people his approval rating in the last survey was 83%. Highest than Noynoy Aquino comparing the same period.

The feisty former mayor of Davao City and the first person to be elected president coming from underdeveloped Mindanao when he took center stage and delivered his first State of the Nation (SONA) before a joint session of congress, he repeated all the promises he made during the hustings.

That was July 25, 2016 and that was Monday and the gospel on that day was of St. Mathew 20:20-28 and in part is saying,’ whoever wants to be great in your community, let him minister to the community. And if you want to be the first of all,make yourself the servant of all’.

When the Good Lord speaks we better listen, for he speaks with fortitude. When President Rodrigo Roa Duterte speaks, the people, lettered and unlettered, rich and poor, men or women listen. They only don’t hear him, they believe him. No wonder nine out of ten are apparently giving their thumbs up and appreciate his fight against illegal drugs. But people are saying, please Mr. President stop your cursing. And don’t joke about yourself, or anything that’s state matter. We don’t want the people get confused. And media persons covering you will definitely report what you said, and radio, television commentators plus the political analysts will make their comments bad or good based on your public statements. No time to to decipher if what you mouthed was a joke or not. .

Our president can be appreciated more if there will be a timeline when he can get rid of corruption in our country which is pervasive.just like when he made a public declaration that he will erase the drug menace in our country in three to six months. Maybe again nine out of ten Filipinos will also adopt silence and may give their nod if notoriously corrupt officials, past and present will just disappear in the face of the earth.

Maybe they can also place a cardboard placed as a necklace saying ‘huwag pamarisan, kurakot ako ng pera ng gobyerno’. In my ears I can hear ringing his strong statement: ‘Don’t destroy my country, I will kill you’. Government corruption is slowly killing the country. In several surveys conducted there are several issues or concerns that the people wish it can be addressed by the Duterte administration, like traffic, rising prices, contractualization, more jobs, political dynasties, etc. etc.

The millions of his followers are not hesitant in always giving him the benefit of the doubt despite the raw power, little regard for due process, by some members of the Philipine National Police in combating criminality. Some shrill cry from some sectors. But not loud enough for people to go to the streets. It means the president is still popular and enjoying a mass support.

Respect for our president’s decisions is important but what is equally important that presidential power is checked and carefully balanced what are spelled out by the statutes because the temptation of enormous power are sometimes tempting.