Cindy Gilroy has deep personal and political roots in the Daniel McIntyre ward making her the right choice to represent us

Just mention Cindy Gilroy and her bid for reelection in the Daniel McIntyre ward and one will automatically associate her with the former Councillor Ernie Gilroy, her father who had been a hard-working member of the City council from 1986 to 1992.

The Gilroy family has been living in the Daniel McIntyre Ward for more than fifty years, so they know the issues affecting the community. From her Dad’s legacy, Cindy has been nurtured with the family’s commitment to good governance and trained fully on the untarnished rudiments of civic politics making Cindy more at home in dealing with the issues prevalent in her ward.

Going into a 3rd term as City Councillor, Cindy Gilroy has been involved in many aspects of the community for many years. In her first two terms as a councillor she has delivered on new playground construction, renewal of local public art, a quarter million dollars for tree canopy planting, provided a ten-year framework for poverty reduction in the City of Winnipeg, allocated $1 million to the Spence Neighbourhood Association 24/7 Safe Space grant; and provided 100 affordable housing units within the ward. She has been at the centre of her ward’s needs, giving full support to all initiatives to make the ward much safer and livable for all her constituents.

Looking forward, Cindy Gilroy strongly indicated her genuine concern for Daniel McIntyre Ward in the recent Winnipeg Free Press report:

“I also want to look at community safety. It’s been something that’s on everybody’s minds,” Gilroy said. “We have a huge homeless crisis in the city, and we do have to try to manage it. We should be putting a larger focus on the province because it is addictions and mental health. We have to support the communities that are really feeling the impacts.”

Cindy Gilroy on her last four years as a City Councillor said: “Over the last four years, we have worked together to accomplish great things in our community. We need to keep the momentum going! My commitment to you involves great community services, a safe and vibrant community, and a place where caring and compassion are at the centre. On Oct. 26th, I’m asking for your support.”

Indeed, for Cindy Gilroy, “WORKING TOGETHER WORKS”. And it has been proven.

Photos provided by Cindy Gilroy Campaign team