Celebrating The Inner Voyageur In All Of Us!

Celebrating The Inner Voyageur In All Of Us!

Another year of Festival du Voyageur is over and this year, as in years past, the Filipno Journal has helped promote and educate Winnipeg’s Filipino community on Manitoba’s French-Canadian history. It’s an opportunity to experience “Joie de vivre!” translated in English, as the “joy of life” and parallels many ideals in Filipino celebrations. In fact, many of the new immigrants that joined us throughout the week at Festival du Voyaguer have been long residents of Manitoba and decided that this year would be the year to join in the festivities.

The 43rd edition of Festival du Voyageur was a very special one for myself personally. Largely in part as being behind the beard and mustache of many of the Festival du Voyageur billboards seen throughout Winnipeg leading up to Winnipeg’s 10-day festival. The festival attracted a record breaking number of visitors, thanks in large part to mild weather and diverse programming. My billboard might have added to it too or I’d like to think so anyways.

“The 43rd edition of Festival du Voyageur was a huge success! Voyageur Park was full of visitors and our official sites had excellent participation as well. In addition to great programming focused on discovery, our visitors were entertained by our special events where participation was on the rise.” said Ginette Lavack Walters, Executive Director of Festival du Voyageur. “On behalf of the entire team of Festival du Voyageur and our Board of Directors, we would like to thank visitors from Winnipeg, Manitoba and elsewhere who proved once again that winter and French heritage are worth celebrating.”

On Saturday, February 25th, the Filipino Journal hosted a small group of staff, friends and family to join us for some special VIP treatment at Voyageur Park. We were graced by some amazing weather and big smiles for everyone. A tour of Fort Gibraltar started off by a special surprise where four people were given traditional voyaguer costumes to wear during the tour.

Also with us during Filipino Journal Day was Rhia Alcantara, reporting on behalf of Balitang America for a special web episode of TFC’s Balitang Canada featuring Filipino-Canadians taking in the Festival du Voyaguer experience. http://www.balitangamerica.tv/balitang-canada-7/
Mark your calendars for the 44th edition of Festival du Voyageur on February 15th to 24th, 2013. Hé Ho! Bon festival!