Caring for our Environment Session

Caring for our Environment Session

Contributor: Ting Mallari

One .breezy and sunny afternoon on July 28, 2018, a bunch of kids and young adults gathered not for your typical summer picnic but to learn more on how to care for the environment.

You read it right! Cultivating environmental awareness among the youth is at the core of this summer activity entitled “Caring for Our Environment”. The session was held at the Sir William Stephenson Library in Winnipeg and attended by 24 youth and adults alike.

The program consisted of a mix of games, videos and discussions that centered around important themes such as the following:

•The basic 3Rs — reduce waste, reuse resources, and recycle materials
•Climate change
•Endangered Species
•Practical steps the youth can take to be environmentally responsible
Organizers of this event were all volunteers with the same heart for raising environmentally responsible youth who will be the next caretakers of Mother Earth.

The group is spearheaded by Ramon Faustino Sales, Jr., together with Joanne Viviezca, Jane Amora-Remolacio, Karla Atanacio, Rizalina Cortez and Ting Mallari.

Special thanks are also due to Ronald Remolacio for his valuable support.