Caring de la Cruz crowned OFSAM Queen 2016

Caring de la Cruz crowned OFSAM Queen 2016

Glamour and honors are not only for the young, and Caring de la Cruz has proven that age does not matter. She was crowned as OFSAM Queen of 2016, making her as the centre of the annual celebration of the Original Filipino Seniors Association of Manitoba held at Viscount Gord.

“I am so humbled by the honor given to me, and I have to thank my family, the officers and members of OFSAM and our guests who are sharing with me this wonderful experience.” said Caring de la Cruz when asked about this unforgettable event.

“And we are happy for Caring de la Cruz, to be our OFSAM Queen 2016 and this event has given us the very special feeling of belonging, of being a part of our active community initiative to give honor and chances to those seniors who have been working hard in our community,” said Letty Duque Antonio, president of OFSAM.

Annually, OFSAM officers and members have been active to select who the reigning queen of the year. And the celebration is attended by family of the queen, all officers and members of OFSAM and some special guests who will participate in the ceremony.

OFSAM Queen Caring de la Cruz family members include Allan Paul and Maripaz de la Cruz, Filcor and Cristy de la Cruz, Fred and Girlene Stumpf and Rainelda de la Cruz, Ace de la Cruz Geronimo represented her mom Tess who is in the Philippines and granddaughters Krysha and Krisna de la Cruz. Special guests include City Councillor Cindy Gilroy and the Chinese Dance Group.

Photos by Rod Cantiveros | Filipino Journal