C4 Central Canada Comic Con excites comic lovers

C4 Central Canada Comic Con excites comic lovers

With seven celebrities in attendance

Paul Blake,David Hayden-Jones, Corin Nemec, Jewel Staite, Allan Harris, Michael Dorn,Toby Philpott, and Todd Haberkorn! These are the celebrities who graced the 2018 C4 Central Canada Comic Con at the RBC Convention Centre.

And with more than 1,000 posters; more than 250,000 photos of Funko Pops, media kits, trinkets, the Star Wars pet supplies, the more than 27,000 attendees were immersed into the Comics World.

Being the largest comic convention, the C4 Central Canada Comic Con has been giving the total experience to be with the comic characters and celebrities who are available for photo opportunities with minimum charges, Most of the popular characters in their costumes welcome the guest who are also wearing comic characters’ costumes for photos and selfies.

The 3-day comic convention has been coming to Winnipeg for past 14 years to the delights and excitements of comic lovers. It started in 1994 known as Manitoba Collector Con; then in 2006, the comic convention was known as Manitoba Comic Con; and in 2011, re-named it as C4 Central Canada Comic Con

Live your comics fantasy in the coming 2019 C4 Central Canada Comic Con.