Brian Pallister rally, more than a multicultural event

Brian Pallister rally, more than a multicultural event

Leading in the polls, Brian Pallister, the Manitoba Progressive Party leader, was welcomed by hundreds of supporters from the various ethnic groups at the rally held recently at Clarion Hotel.

“We need change, and the Manitobans are responding for a much better governance, much better treatment for families, for the majority of us who have been clamoring for attention, for benefits, for better opportunities,” Brian Pallister said, as supporters echoed their approval.

The multicultural committee led by Joe Bova of the Italian community voiced unanimous assurance that there will be changes when Brian Pallister becomes the next premier of Manitoba.

“Yes, we need change, we need a more compassionate leader to help us in our needs,” said Dennis Castaneda, one of the avid supporters from the Filipino community, and Supreme National Founder, Philippine Guardian Brotherhood Inc.

Before and after the rally, Brian Pallister had an opportunity to chat with the community members and with the candidates.

Some PC candidates are presented, namely, Heather Stefanson, Tuxedo; Jeannette Montufar, Fort Garry-Riverview; Ron Shuller, St. Paul; Andrew Smith, Southdale, including our kababayan, Jon Reyes, st. Norbert.