BDC Small Business Week October 16-22, 2016

BDC Small Business Week October 16-22, 2016

Small Business Summit
October 20, 2016 – 7:30am
Fort Garry Hotel

Conference organized by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Working in partnership with Mayor Brian Bowman’s office, the Small Business SUMMIT is a half-day event hosted by The Chamber that will provide a platform for Winnipeg’s small business community to provide input on the conditions they need to succeed.

Membership Luncheon: Small Business Week “Get Ready to Grow”
October 21, 2016 – 11:30am

RBC Convention Centre, 375 York Ave.

Lunch conference organized by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. It’s no coincidence that our October Membership Luncheon falls during Small Business Week.

Enjoy a panel discussion on the issues facing small business and how small businesses help drive Winnipeg forward.

Justin Phillips, Sycamore Energy
Justin Phillips is President and Founding Partner of Sycamore Energy Inc., and most recently Solar Manitoba a solar and renewable energy developer with clients throughout Manitoba, USA, and the Caribbean. He launched this sustainable business in 2008 and has been an advocated in Manitoba for alternative sources of energy for years. In 2012, he pitched his idea on CBC Television’s Dragon’s Den.

Michelle Lalonde, Tiber River
Tiber River is a Winnipeg-based business owned by Adriana De Luca (founding partner) and Michelle Lalonde. Tiber River is a thriving business that manufactures their own body products, as well as products for other companies, using natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. In 2005, Adriana partnered with Michelle Lalonde, a marketing and promotions genius, and together they opened their flagship store at 408 Academy Road.

Heather Daymond, Shut Ur Pie Hole
A sassy single mother of two transformed her love of pie into a business with an equally sassy name. While standard pie sizes are available and equally delicious, Shut Ur Pie Hole specializes in individual pies in little mason jars in a variety of flavours. The concept came to Heather when she was shopping for baking supplies one afternoon. She noticed decorative mason jars and wondered if she could use them instead of pie plates.

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