BAON Manila Night: Filipino Pop-Up to feature the best of Filipino cuisine

BAON Manila Night: Filipino Pop-Up to feature the best of Filipino cuisine

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As the chatter grows louder, people of various colors, nationalities, and generations, sit together in a room anxiously waiting for the first course. The evening continues as the servers enter the room, plates in hand, with the first Filipino course of the night. The featured chef of night welcomes the crowd, and introduces each dish accordingly. After the delicious dinner, consisting of different interpretations of known and famous Filipino dishes, the crowd mingles, and enjoys the rest of the evening. This is the experience of Manila Nights.

Manila Nights, created by the owners of Baon Bistro, is a monthly pop up restaurant dinner series. The main goal of the dinner is to showcase the creative minds of talented Filipino chefs, cooks, culinary students, and restaurant owners. With every night having a different guest chef, each cuisine experience is also different, and you are invited to attend multiple dinners. Filipino food originates from multiple cultures, such as Malay, Spanish, Chinese, and American influences, and each chef features their own individual versions of Filipino cuisine, based on their personal culinary backgrounds, experiences, and influences.

Beginning on Sunday July 5th, 2015, Manila Nights is pleased to have the first chef, Allan Pineda, formerly of Kimchi Café, and future chef of Baon Bistro. Some of Allan’s dishes for the dinner include a dimsum sampler with pork adobo siomai, sinigang soup dumpling, calamari with buffalo adobong puisit sauce, and his take on kare kare and ginitaan. The second pop up restaurant seating on July 26th, 2015 features Yana Gilbuena of the SALO series. Yana, who is based in New York, has been travelling the US and the Philippines doing pop up dinners, and is currently touring Canada. For seats and more information on the upcoming events, search Facebook “BAON presents Manila Nights” or contact Allan at 204-996-1572 or Amanda Pineda at 204-955-6691.

A Pop Up Dinner Series presented by Baon
July 5th at Infernos on Academy – Allan Pineda
This dinner includes an 8 Course Pre-Fix Dinner Menu
Charity: Advancement for Rural Kids, Philippines

First – Cocktail: Lychee Martini

Second – Filipino Caesar Salad: Calamansi Caesar Dressing, Pandesal Croutons, Tocino Bacon Bits

Third – Trio of Junk Food: Longanisa Corn Dog with Banana Ketchup, Queso De Bolla Jalapeno Popper, Taro Root Perogy

Fourth – Dim Sum Sampler: Pork Adobo Siomai, Sinigang Soup Dumpling, Calamari with Buffalo Adobong Pusit Sauce

Fifth – Cocktail: Mango Mojito

Sixth – Ginitaan: Snow Crab, Rock Salt Baked Prawn, Snake Beans

Seventh – Kare Kare: Osso Busco, Garlic Fried Rice Risotto

Eighth – Ube: Ube gnocchi, Sky flakes, Cream cheese, Polvoron

$10 Corkage per table
$50 per ticket, gratuity not included
*No substitutions on the menu*