Actions speak louder than words for Sarah and Matteo

Actions speak louder than words for Sarah and Matteo

Popstar princess Sarah Geronimo and rumored boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli still remain mum about their real relationship. Yet, it seems their actions spoke louder than words.

During Matteo’s birthday party on Friday, March 28, in a restaurant in Pasig City the duo came in matching blue outfits and was inseparable throughout the gathering.

A photo shared by columnist Ogie Diaz showed Matteo and Sarah holding hands. A video uploaded by TeamGuidicelli on YouTube also showed them hugging each other after their song number.

Matteo have admitted that he and Sarah are enjoying each other’s company and that the singer-actress is “a very special person.” The fans are happy for the two with some of them saying that this is the right time for Sarah to reveal what she really feels for Matteo.

However many of them are still talking about Mommy Divine Geronimo’s rumored interference. According to them, Sarah’s mother should give space to her daughter and accept the fact that she is now falling in love.