204 Neighbourhood Watch Recognized at the Manitoba Legislative Assembly

204 Neighbourhood Watch Recognized at the Manitoba Legislative Assembly

MLA for Tyndall Park Ted Marcelino recognized 204 Neighbourhood Watch in front of all other Manitoba MLAs during the Manitoba Legislative Assembly session on November 1st. I am sharing here the Member’s Statement given by Ted Marcelino, not to exalt myself, but to honour my co-patrollers for their selflessness:
“Today, I would like to recognize the volunteers of the 204 Neighbourhood Watch and its founder, Leila Castro. Listening to the concerns of her community, Leila founded this amazing volunteer organization, which patrols different areas of the city upon request.

In my constituency of Tyndall Park, the 204 inspected the parks and playgrounds where children play, picked up drug baggies and liquor bottles, and kept a watchful eye over the community. I know the residents of the area highly appreciated the concern and support of the volunteers.

Leila and the 204 believe that everyone should be involved in protecting Winnipeg, and want Manitobans to get to know each other, so that everyone, specially newcomers, feel welcome and safe. They are planting seeds for a flourishing community through their simple actions and conversation.

I want to say a special thank you to all the volunteers, who are in the gallery here today, for helping build stronger relationships in the city and for giving families peace of mind about the safety of their children and communities. We are very appreciative of all your hard work.“

— Ted Marcelino, MLA for Tyndall Park.

204 Neighbourhood Watch is composed of ordinary people. We are foster parents, health care aide worker, carpenter, car dealer, community worker. Like most people here in Winnipeg we don’t have much free time. Going out to patrol for 3 hours each week is a sacrifice. These are hours we should have spent earning from a second job, or resting, or bonding with our family in the comfort of our home; instead we spent them walking on icy streets on very cold nights. We don’t expect payment or reward for what we do, we don’t volunteer to be recognized. We are thankful for the humbling and eye-opening experience of walking for hours to know our neighbourhood and be able to do something to make it a safer place.

We have rendered 650 manhours of community volunteerism ever since we formed our group six months ago. More than 50 people have joined us for patrolling.

Average of 12 people show up on every patrolling night. One of our members once told me, “Don’t you notice what our members are? Most of us are couples. We are families protecting other families in our community.”

204 Neighbourhood Watch patrols every Wednesday and we need more volunteers. Join 204 Neighbourhood Watch fb group to see our announcements and updates, or email me at Leilacastro.ca@gmail.com.