204 Neigbourhood Watch Update: Patrolling Burrows and Maples

204 Neigbourhood Watch Update: Patrolling Burrows and Maples

by Leila Castro | Leilacastro.ca@gmail.com

Still non-stop every Wednesday evening, for the past three weeks we patrolled Burrows and Maples. It is starting to get dark at 8:30pm but thanks to 204FM for donating seven flashlights to 204 Neighbourhood Watch. People keeps on contacting me for their food and logistics donations, and to volunteer. Every patrol night, tired volunteers feast on delicious food, thanks to donors Emy and Manny Adao of Bakerite, Elmer Aquino, Joselito and Cresencia Urbano, Sweetie Dia, Jay De Leon, Tek De Leon and Kathy Chionglo.

In two patrolling evenings at Burrows, we inspected 6 playgrounds. While having our break at Sinclair Community Centre, a desperate father sought our help as he could not locate and contact his 14-year old son. 204 Neighbourhood Watch used the 204FM’s huge network to spread the word, it reached the boy and he was home safe in an hour.

Last Wednesday, we patrolled portions of Adsum, Jefferson and Mandalay at Maples. We were overwhelmed! In less than 2 hours walk, we found 38 baggies. How we wished we could cover more areas, but with 13 volunteers that night we could only walk as one group for safety. So, we are calling for more volunteers to patrol with us on September 6 Wednesday. Assembly is at Maples Community Centre 434 Adsum Drive at 5:45pm.

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