204 Filipino Marketplace Ihaw-Ihaw Family Fun Day

204 Filipino Marketplace Ihaw-Ihaw Family Fun Day

By Leila Castro | Leilacastro.ca@gmail.com

This beautiful summer will not be complete without bringing together the 204 Filipino Marketplace family for a fun event.

And we just did on July 21st at Kildonan Park where over 600 people came for the 204 Filipino Marketplace’s Ihaw-Ihaw 2018. With ihaw-ihaw (barbeque) as the event theme, we all enjoyed grilled marinated pork, sausage and pinoy style red hotdog. There were also grilled fish, lechon, sisig, pansit and lots of sweets for dessert. Tropical non-alcoholic drinks served at the cocktails bar kept everyone refreshed and hydrated. Over a hundred raffle and prizes were given away, where 4 lucky winners took home bbq grillers. There were games, face painting, and cotton candy for kids. 204FM Admin Charry Mae Ibañez, Mithus Mallari and Rodel Olesco hosted the program.

204 Filipino Marketplace social media group started in November 2015. More popularly known as 204FM or 204, it is a buy/sell and community forum for Filipino immigrants . Aleli Carandang-Ferrer, Angelic Bagsic, Charry Mae Ibañez, Elaine Tumbokon, Ian Sarmiento, Jopay Alnas, Kaiser Tormo and myself are the eight administrators managing the facebook group. We are volunteers, we don’t get paid for administering the group. We now have 38,000 members, estimated 90% of which are Filipino Manitobans. For the summer of 2019, 204FM is again inviting everyone. This time it will be a Rakrakan event.

Our heartfelt thanks to the generous sponsors of the event. Thank you also to 204 Neighbourhood Watch Inc. and to the other volunteers. Photo credits to Jeprox Photography and Jhayzon Paredes and Nelson Manalili.

Photos by Noni Manalili, Mark Godilano, Jeprox Photography