Canadians heading to the polls.

Canadians heading to the polls.

Local candidates look to attract Filipino voters.

Canadians are heading to the polls on May 2, 2011. A federal election has been called after non-confidence vote of Canada’s minority government led by the Convervatives’ Stephen Harper.

The Liberal non-confidence motion marked the first time a government has been found in contempt of Parliament related to issues which included the real cost of acquiring new fighter jets.

This will be the fourth time Canadians will head to the polls in seven years. As well, the fourth run at a majority government by Stephen Harper.

In anticipation of the election call, candidates and campaigns were launched all across Manitoba by all three parties. Here are the list of candidates running in your riding:

Merv Tweed (CPC)
Dave Barnes (GPC)
John Bouché (NDP)

Charleswood–St. James–Assiniboia
Steven Fletcher (CPC)
Tom Paulley (NDP)
RobClement (LPC)

Sydney Garrioch (LPC)
Alberteen Spence (GPC)
Wally Daudrich (CPC)
Niki Ashton (NDP)

Dauphin–Swan River–Marquette
Kate Storey (GPC)
Robert Sopuck (CPC)
Cheryl Osborne (NDP)
Wendy Menzies (LPC)

Jim Maloway (NDP)
Ilona Niemczyk (LPC)
Lawrence Toet (CPC)
Kildonan–St. Paul
Eduard Hiebert (IND)
Joy Smith (CPC)
Rachelle Devine (NDP)
Alon David Weinberg (GPC)
Victor Andres (LPC)

Candice Hoeppner (CPC)
Jerome Dondo (CHPC)
Mohamed Alli (NDP)

David Reimer (CHPC)
Al Mackling (NDP)
Vic Toews (CPC)
Ric Lim (PPC)
Terry Hayward (LPC)

Saint Boniface
Raymond Simard (LPC)
Marc Payette (GPC)
Shelly Glover (CPC)

Duncan Geisler (LPC)
Sean Palsson (NDP)
Don Winstone (GPC)
James Bezan (CPC)

Winnipeg Centre
Jacqueline Romanow (GPC)
Bev Pitura (CPC)
Pat Martin (NDP)
Allan Wise (LPC)

Winnipeg North
Rebecca Blaikie (NDP)
Kevin Lamoureux (LPC)
Ann Matejicka (CPC)

Winnipeg South
Rod Bruinooge (CPC)
Terry Duguid LPC
Dave Gaudreau (NDP)

Winnipeg South Centre
Anita Neville (LPC)
Dennis Lewycky (NDP)