You’ve Got What It Takes

You’ve Got What It Takes

By Sarah Coyle | Manitoba Start

The job hunt can feel like a daunting exercise at times. You may invest a lot of time and effort into creating, developing, and implementing a job search strategy—only to feel that you are not getting good returns on your investment, or quickly enough. Organizations may spend significant time reviewing job applications and conducting several rounds of interviews. Add on the post-interview selection process, and it might take weeks or even months to land an interview or receive a job offer.

How can you remain positive while job searching? Here are six tips to help you stay focused and active:
Strengthen resiliency

Review your day, and take note of all the positives and steps of progress that occurred, like calling a company to schedule an interview. Remember that many setbacks are often minor or temporary. Rather than dwelling on the past or “what if,” frame setbacks as an opportunity to learn something new and try again. Make an action plan, and complete it one step at a time. Create a to-do list with SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) goals.

Know you are unique and valuable

You are a unique individual with a lot to offer. Each person has their own distinct history and set of experiences, skills, and passions. Companies are always looking for employees whose background, interests, and talents match their business needs. Often, through a combination of preparation and luck, the right company will see your unique profile at the right time and want to use your skills.

Learn from the stories of others

Every day, people all over the world experience job-search delays and life obstacles. There are others who have faced difficulties similar to yours and have persevered through to success. You can too!


Organizations such as non-profits, hospitals, and homeless shelters are always seeking volunteers. Use some of your time to help others. You will gain a sense of contribution, continue to expand your network, and hone your interpersonal skills.

Seek support from others

Numerous agencies provide assistance in career planning, job searching, resume writing, and interviewing. Representatives of these companies can assess your current job search strategy and offer suggestions for improvement.

Reflect on your motivation

Take some time to think about what keeps you going: Who or what will keep you inspired and motivated while job searching? What can you do to remind yourself that you have something special to offer the world?

Being out of work and job searching can be difficult, but it can also be an opportunity to increase your ability to bounce back from setbacks and to develop new clarity about your strengths and what is important to you. By remaining adaptable, flexible, and focused, you will boost your self-confidence and sense of purpose. You can grow stronger through the process of overcoming challenges!

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