Wolseley Watch Launched Spring Patrolling

Wolseley Watch Launched Spring Patrolling

Wolseley Watch, the newest neighbourhood patrolling group, launched its spring patrolling on April 3rd. 204 Neighbourhood Watch mentored Wolseley Watch and helped the latter with patrolling logistics such as vests, gloves, etc.

204 Neighbourhood Watch started in 2017 and was mentored by Bear Clan. “For at least 3 times we walked with Bear Clan at the Dufferin area to learn their methodology. They walked with us during our first patrolling at the Maples. After more than a year, it was our turn to pay it forward. For the case of Wolseley area, for two months we joined its residents in their patrolling walk. Wolseley is a very nice neighbourhood. The other multicultural areas we patrol have modern houses, at Wolseley there are many beautiful traditional houses and you will fall in love with them. Its Bluestem Nature Park where a portion of Omand’s Creek runs, is breathtaking. The best part of the neighbourhood are its wonderful people. Most of them have been living there for a long time and they know one another,” the founder of 204 Neighbourhood Watch Leila Castro said.

“It is sad that just like the other areas in the city that we patrolled, in just a short period of walk at Wolseley, we found a lot of needles and baggies used for drugs. In one corner close to business establishments, there were 4 needles. At a back lane, we found a small plastic bag containing what looked like a tiny chunk of meth. These are clear symptoms of growing drugs crisis. The volunteers in our watch groups are doing the best we can to help clear the areas from needles, drug paraphernalia and anything harmful. We also talk to people in the community to spread awareness. We at 204 Neighbourhood Watch are happy that Wolseley residents joined together and formed the Wolseley Watch. It is a good deterrent for crime in an area, when you do initiatives to protect your own neighbourhood.

Touched by the strong sense of community in Wolseley, generous realtors and 204 Neighbourhood Watch patrollers Charmaine Hernandez and Maneet Jassal donated vests with Wolseley Watch logo print, and flashlights. Bakerite owners Emy and Manny committed to providing Wolseley Watch their snacks everytime they patrol. There are other areas in the city (Sinclair, Logan, Alexander on Brooklands, Valour at Westend) that we regularly visit to patrol and encourage residents to form their watch group ” Leila continued.

If your neighbourhood wants to form a patrolling group, 204 Neighbourhood Watch can help you. You may contact Leila Castro through email at Leilacastro.ca@gmail.com.