It’s not the wins you remember, it’s the friendships you make that will last forever

It’s not the wins you remember, it’s the friendships you make that will last forever

Ron Sarmiento has been part of the North Winnipeg Nomads organization since 2008 with roles as assistant coach and most recently, the community coordinator.

The Nomads are looking for new recruits to sign up for the upcoming football season, and Sarmiento is looking at the Filipino community in the north end.
The Nomads have 12 teams for any athlete who wants to sign up aged seven to 22.

“We have some Filipinos playing right now,” says Sarmiento. “we want to show the community that football is a great sport to compete in.”

Sarmiento says the Nomad organization takes pride in teaching every single player the rules of football, and guarantees that children and families will love it.
“We have experienced coaches and trainers that help teach the game,” says Sarmiento. “We want to teach safety, technique, and most importantly we want these athletes to have fun.”

Sarmiento has two sons who play for the Nomads — TJ, and Tyson.

“They both love football,” Sarmiento says. “The first couple of practices for TJ were tough because he didn’t really know the rules, but once he started to understand the game, he grew to love it.”

TJ started playing football at the age of nine and continues to play today for Sisler High School.

“Tyson’s been playing since he was seven, and if you ask him what he wants to do when he grows up, he’ll say to play professional football every time.”

As a parent, and coach, Sarmiento knows and understands the importance of safety when playing football.

“The first thing we teach, whether you’ve played football before or not, is how to properly tackle,” says Sarmiento. “We teach them how to tackle properly with their chest plates and not with their head.”

The Nomads also provide equipment for athletes including shoulder pads, helmets and mouth guards. A member of the Nomads organization makes sure all equipment is intact and safe to use.

“This is a place where your kids will stay safe, show respect, and have fun,” says Sarmiento. “I love the environment football brings, and I enjoy watching these kids work together as a team.”

The North Winnipeg Nomads are the largest amateur football organization in western Canada, and have been around since 1969.

Registration begins May 1, and Sarmiento says registration is approximately $330 for the season, which runs until the end of October — right before basketball season starts.

For any interested parents, the Nomads are setting up a preregistration booth at Canad Inns Garden City from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 26.
Sarmiento encourages all parents and families to contact if they have any questions or concerns.

He is also open to hosting an open information night if there are enough families and athletes who express interest in the football.

“I want football in the Filipino community to grow.”

Photos by Harry Noordman