Winnipeg North Votes: Julie Javier – Conservatives

Winnipeg North Votes: Julie Javier – Conservatives

1. Why did you decide to run as a candidate for Winnipeg North?

I have a history of activism and involvement in community affairs and with a variety of ethnic groups. I am aware of the problems faced by residents of Winnipeg North and I want to meet the challenge of fixing some of those problems. One major problem we face is crime. The soft on crime approach by the Liberals and the NDP has not served our riding well. We need to be tough on crime, and the Conservative Party is the only party that takes crime seriously. It is time for me to take my community involvement to a higher level by representing the electors in Winnipeg North in Parliament.

2. What experience will you bring to complement your role as Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North?

I have extensive experience in working with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and temperaments. My managerial experience in the health care field had prepared me for working in a complex environment and completing tasks and projects on time while under pressure.

3. What are the major issues you would like to stand for and why did you choose these issues?

The issues I have to deal with are dictated by the people of Winnipeg North rather than of my choosing. The electors I speak to indicate that their major issues are:

•Crime: Our residents must feel safe and secure in their communities and in their homes. they must not have to fear the loss of their vehicles, personal property and money. Criminals are not in charge of our communities and we must make it clear that we will not allow them to prey on law-abiding citizens. We must get tough on crime.

•The Economy: Residents fear the loss of buying power and the value of their investments and pensions. Conservatives have managed the economy well, avoiding inflation, loss of the dollar value and have kept interest rates reasonable. I want to be part of that; part of a steady Conservative hand on the economic tiller.

•Jobs: Our residents want opportunities to acquire skills or improve their skills so that they can qualify for jobs and promotions. Immigrants want the opportunity to upgrade their skills and prove they can qualify as professionals in Canada. We need the skilled help and need to match the opportunities with those who seek to improve their earning power.

•Immigration: Our electoral district is interesting, vibrant and unique due to the variety and numbers of immigrants who have settled here. Many residents are intensely interested in family class sponsorship programs, for example, and are concerned about human smugglers who bring people into Canada illegally. We must crack down on human smugglers who try to take advantage of our immigration system. The Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the only party we can count on to take this issue seriously.

4. Is there anything in particular you would like to change in Winnipeg North?

I want to clean up crime. As Member of Parliament, I will work hard with Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative team in getting tough on crime and cleaning up our streets. I will also be a member of a team that has successfully managed the economy during a global economic recession. Despite the good work of Prime Minister Harper, the global economy remains fragile and there’s more we can do – and I want Winnipeg North to have a voice at the table.

5. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

I am excited about representing Winnipeg North residents in Parliament. Our problems are not unique; other districts share some of the difficulties we face, but we need to find solutions rather than wallowing in communal sympathy. Political leadership means creating opportunities and funding that allow community leaders to build better communities. I want to work for improvements in the health care field. The federal government has a leadership role in health care, can bring about needed improvements and I want to be part of that.

6. Why should the Filipinos in Winnipeg North vote for you?

I have the energy and dedication to work very hard for the residents of Winnipeg North. Political leadership requires the commitment, skills and tenacity to work at problems until they are resolved. That is what I can do and what I offer to all of the residents of Winnipeg North.