Winnipeg dances “Tala” for Taal Victims

Winnipeg dances “Tala” for Taal Victims

What started as “for fun” activity eventually became a “for a cause “project.

After DKF Fashion’s Fran Vasu shared the idea of doing Sarah Geronimo’s hit tala dance in snow with JP Sumbillo and Kelly Legaspi, the three started organizing the event . The trio narrated via 204 Live Music last Tuesday that organizing the event was not at all difficult. “This must have been the easiest event ever organized,” Sumbillo said. The three have worked in various projects in the past and knew how they could well collaborate to make the Tala Flash Mob a reality. Things happened fast from putting up a Facebook account, drafting waiver form for the dancers, setting a rehearsal date, looking for a venue and setting the actual day of the flash mob.

While preps are happening, shocking news on the Taal Volcano eruption reached Manitoba. It moved people and organizations to initiate fundraisings and so was the Tala team. Coincidentally, the play of words turned out to perfectly match the event and the purpose – TALA para sa TAAL.

On January 19, 12noon at the Garden City Park ,over 70 people came to dance for a cause despite the freezing -23 degree temperature. Everyone came with something red in their outfit as requested by the organizers. The entire group briefly danced the chorus of the song that lasted for just over a minute. Young and old, families, groups of friends, etc were ecstatic because not only they were able to entertain others but also were able to donate for the eruption victims.

The three organizers were touched by the people who showed up despite the freezing temperature.

“It is very moving and extremely impressive. It was really cold but our kababayans were very positive in dancing and giving.” Vasu said.

Kelly Legaspi shared how kababayan touched and made her cry. “It was very heartwarming. It was beyond that what I’ve expected. Maraming Talamat Tala Winnipeg! We made history and you were all the stars!”

Last Tuesday, via 204 Live Music, all cash donations were counted. Tala flash mob raised $757 or P30,000 and it was forwarded to ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation.

Photos by Noni Manalili