Alex makes art cool. Back again after two years, Winnipeg Comiccon 2021, featured its youngest exhibitor, Alexandre James Jean Pagsuyuin. At 12, Alex started Rascals Graffiti Art this summer after watching some YouTube videos.

“I noticed he was really into art and drawing this summer and he spent hours in the garage honing his skill when the idea of having a booth at Comiccon came up so he could showcase his work,” Alex’s mother, Ali Pagsuyuin, said.

Alex was one of the 100 exhibitors who got to showcase his talent through his artworks to the astounding 14,000 Comiccon fanatics who were present during the event last October 29-31, 2021 at the RBC Convention Centre.

Rascal’s Graffiti Shop Debuts at Winnipeg ComicCon

Alison Pagsuyuin was in full support of her son, Alex, during Winnipeg Comic Con 2021. Being the youngest among the 100 exhibitors, Ali was there to support Alex every step of the way, rooting for her son while he set up the booth, priced items, marketed and made sales.

“I started my own business when I was pregnant with Alex – Easy Eco baby where I distributed the first biodegradable disposable diapers in Manitoba. Alex was only 2 weeks old when I showcased my booth at the convention centre for the Baby and Kids expo. So, in a way, Alex was born to be an entrepreneur,” Ali shared.

At first, Ali was so nervous for her son, unsure if Alex’s artwork will be well-received. But just as how happy and positive the vibe was at the convention, vendors and visitors were so kind and encouraging, even impressed by Alex’s works especially when they learned how young he was.

Overall, it was a great experience for both the mother and son. Ali was happy that Alex learned valuable communication skills, hardwork and confidence from the 3-day event.

“I hope he inspires other youth to follow their passion and just go for it. You never know where it may lead or who you’ll meet,” Ali said.

Alex looks forward to joining the Comic Con again next year but bigger and better. For now, you can follow his IG:

Photos supplied by Ali Pagsuyuin