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Winnipeg colder than Mars? I don’t think so!

Winnipeg colder than Mars? I don’t think so!

Is winter over yet? I hope not! We still have a lot of fun winter adventures ahead! If you think I’m complaining, I’m not. While it might get a bit uncomfortably numb in relative temperatures of minus 40-50 with the windchill, the amount of people talking about the weather on social media is a bit overwhelming. We live in Winnipeg and cold winters is what makes us a hardy bunch.

Winnipeg went into deep freeze on New Year’s Eve. So cold in fact that Time Magazine compared Winnipeg to Mar’s barren alien wasteland. On New Year’s Eve, the Mars Curiousity Rover recorded a maximum temperature of -29ºC. The daytime high on New Year’s Eve was a mere -31ºC and factor in the windchill, the temperature was between -40ºC to -50ºC. Yup, that’s cold. And for the uninitiated, exposed skin can freeze in 5 minutes. So is Winnipeg now famous than Mars? Probably not but travelling to Winnipeg is a lot closer than Mars. To keep things in perspective, according to Wikipedia, the average temperature on Mars is -55ºC and well below -150ºC at the poles.

For those new immigrants that are experiencing the cold bite of Mother Nature, I’m truly sorry and welcome to Manitoba winters. In fact, our winters are fantastic and as long as you dress for the weather, it doesn’t matter what the windchill is. There are many outdoor activities we can all enjoy during the winter. Festival du Voyageur is right around the corner and if you’re looking at taking up a new winter sport, I might suggest visiting the Windsor Park Nordic Centre and learn how to cross country ski.

Until next time, bundle up, stay warm and embrace our beautiful winters!