There Will Be a Line to Heaven in Winnipeg

There Will Be a Line to Heaven in Winnipeg

Introvoys (with Tropa, The 12/21, & Route 90)
September 15 • PCCM

After having been treated to the rocking Tunog Kalye 2018, Winnipeg will then be given a special line to heaven on the evening of September 15, at PCCM, as the classic Filipino band Introvoys take their turn in making the summer delightful. This concert is brought to us by IGN Productions.

Trip Back Memorylane

In March 1988, at a bar along Roxas Blvd. called Dreams, I was invited by my friend Jay Paloma to a concert of the band of which he newly joined at the time as the keyboardist. The band was the legendary Philippine New Wave group Nursery Rhymes–one of my favorites during that era–along with The Dawn and Identity Crisis.

During that gig, another exciting, gorgeous, and upcoming new band also played–my first time to watch them. They played originals as well as covers by The Cure! The drummer was even wearing a fashionable hat!

Only a couple of years had passed, and the band’s music was all over commercial radio and TV.

In 1991, when my own band Half Life Half Death performed at 1991 Yamaha Band Explosion, that band was a guest. Then, at the backstage, the drummer approached me and complimented me for my Cure hairdo and wished our band good luck.

Afterwards, his band and my band played a couple of back-to-back shows at the legendary Club Dredd Timog. The kind and friendly drummer became a friend.

To this day, he remains the core energy of his band.

I’m excited because that band is finally coming to Winnipeg to rock the city with their brand of New Wave / Alternative Pop music. And not only that, the band of which I’m currently a member–Tropa–is one of the openers.

Looking forward to see my old comrades again–especially Paco Arespacochaga, Jonathan Buencamino, JJ Buencamino, and Vic Carpio–better known as Introvoys!

September 15, 2018


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