What’s the Weather, Mr. Postman?

What’s the Weather, Mr. Postman?

(On Some Filipino Meteorological and Geographical Terms)

Being an archipelago and a tropical country, the Philippines has a national language whose vocabulary is rich in terms about the weather, the land, and the waters. Here are some of these and their corresponding names in English.

hilaga – north
silangan – east
kanluran – west
timog –south

tag-lamig / tag-nyebé – winter
tag-siból – spring
tag-inít / tag-aráw – summer
tag-lagás – fall

kidlat – lightning
kulóg – thunder
bagyó – storm
ulán – rain
ambón – drizzle
bahâ – flood
nyebe – snow

karagatan – ocean
dagat – sea
ilog – river
lawa – lake
bukál – spring
talón – waterfall
pampáng – shore

kapuluan – archipelago
pulo/isla – island
bulubundúkin – mountain range
bundok – mountain
bulkan – volcano
buról – hill
lambák – valley
kapatagan – plains
gubat – forest
bukid – fields
parang – meadow/prairie

The Last Leaf
Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere, weather, and climate. Geography is the scientific study of the lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of Earth.