Vice-President’s Message

Vice-President’s Message

Dear Distinguished Guests, Sponsors and Volunteers:

It is my absolute honour and pleasure in welcoming you to Manitoba Filipino Business Council’s Annual Business Awards Gala 2014, honouring the hardworking small business owners and business professionals in their contribution to our Filipino Business Community.

The Filipino-Canadian population in Manitoba is a rich resource of talented, skilled and entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are not afraid of hard work to achieve their dreams. We have phenomenal work ethic showcased by the many successful business owners, politicians, corporate executives and community leaders.

We have many leaders in our community who deserve recognition. Leaders who… lead by example, engages in the community, initiates change, champions a cause, ambitious in their vision for the community,encourages others to participate, puts integrity first and foremost, holds oneself accountable for its actions, makes honourable choices, and builds character and nobleness through hard-earned respect from peers and colleagues.

The Manitoba Filipino Business Council fosters great leaders who are contributors of talent and economic activites in our great province of Manitoba. Our future is bright and prosperous, and we are ready to take on new challenges head-on in order to succeed in our businesses and profession.

I want to take this oppurtunity to thank the many great minds and hands of our board of directors, committee chairs and committee volunteers who tirelessly serve the general membership year-round. Thank you to our sponsors who provide their various resources which assist and make our events and programs possible. And most importantly, thank you, our general membership, who continue to believe that we can accomplish great things if we collaborate and participate in everything that we do.

Hipolito Alibin Jr., CGA
Vice-President, Manitoba Filipino Business Council Inc.