Used COVID-19 test kits found on the street; Mayor Isko finds the origin of mishandled medical instrument

Hundreds of used COVID-19 rapid test kits were found scattered near the Trabajo Market in Sampaloc Manila, thanks to the netizen who took the video and presented to Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno.

The people around the Trabaho market are alarmed for possible infection of the area and started cleaning and collecting the instruments. The Barangay offiicials acted accordingly to address the problem.

Meanwhile, Mayor Isko Moreno extended a thank you message to the netizen who reported the incident. And found out that the rapid test instruments came from one of the clinics in charge of the ongoing rapid testing.

The Department of Health official has warned the proper disposal of the infectious medical material and the testing station must follow protocols to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and the violators are punishable by law.