UM-Sigaw Update

UM-Sigaw Update

The past few months have been busy for us university students, and the weather may not have been the best, but these haven’t stopped UMSigaw from organizing various activities and fundraisers.

To start off the year, we had our first assembly on October 6. We held it on the UMSU Council Chambers of University of Manitoba, and despite the fairly small venue, we filled the room with a lot of new members. Old members also came as well; there was a nice atmosphere present as old and new members mingled together. There were icebreaker games, food (Pansit and Lumpia), mission statements and goals of the year, and of course, the announcement of the first UMSigaw Bursary winner: Maan Frances Manaol. Once again, congratulations to you, Maan!

Next we had the Fall Bake Sale on October 12. A lot of our new members helped make this bake sale successful. With the new members’ contributions and their helpful sales tactics (it involved dancing and shouting out to people passing by), we attracted many customers and raised quite a lot of money for the next UMSigaw Bursary. We hope to hold another bake sale during the winter term to raise further money for the next Bursary, and only with the help of volunteers can UMSigaw achieve this goal.

More recently our student group had the UMSigaw Movie Night on November 23. It was a night of simply hanging out with other members, eating pizza, and of course watching a couple of movies, which included Disney’s Toy Story 3 and one from a while back, Get Smart. University can be very stressful if a student doesn’t relax once in a while, so with this event, we gave time for students to just take a short break from all the school work and preparations for the upcoming exams.

But that doesn’t stop there. UMSigaw has more events planned for the upcoming days and months, and that includes the UMSigaw Christmas Party on December 22, at Martini’s Ristorante Italiano, at 6pm. Tickets are $15 (please check our Facebook page, for more details.) There is also the Asian Movie Festival in January 2011, Basketball Tournaments, and many, many more! Stay tuned for more updates and announcements!