Ultimate New Wave Evolution (& closely related styles) part 31

One style of music that I really love, especially when I’m in a somber or romantic mood, is what many regard as Sophistipop–a portmanteau of ‘sophisticated’ and ‘pop.’ It is best characterized by its mix of Light Jazz, Soul, New Wave, and, of course, Pop. More often than not, the instrumentation is highlighted by or embellished with acoustic guitar, piano, woodwind, horn, and/or bowed string instruments–either organically or synthesizer-generated or a combination of both. The tempo of the songs are typically slow or, at the least, mid-range–New Romantic Pop balladry at its most classy and melodramatic.

This set consists of albums containing songs that fit the Sophistipop description. They may not be New Wave proper, but many enthusiasts of the genre love them anyway and regard them as part of the whole spectrum.

* Breathe – All That Jazz (1988) (“Hands to Heaven”)
* Crowded House – Woodface (1991) (“Four Seasons in One Day”)
* Cutting Crew – The Scattering (1989) (“Everything but My Pride”)
* The Escape Club – Dollars & Sex (1991) (“I’ll Be There”)
* Level 42 – Level 42 (1981) (“Why Are You Leaving?”)
* Everything but the Girl – Idlewild (1988) (“Always Was Your Girl”)
*Love & Money – Strange Kind of Love (1988) (“Axis of Love”)
*Lighthouse Family – Postcards from Heaven (1997) (“Lost in Space”)