Two Marcelinos are heading to the legislature

Two Marcelinos are heading to the legislature

Ted Marcelino captures Tyndall Park; Flor Marcelino re-elected in Logan

In an election first for Manitoba, the riding of Tyndall Park had three Filipino-Canadian candidates running for the same riding in the 41st provincial election.

In the last issue of the Filipino Journal, we featured the three candidates: Ted Marcelino (NDP), Roldan Sevillano (Liberal) and former MLA, Cris Aglugub (PC).

As the poll results started to come in at Ted Marcelino’s campaign headquarters on election night, volunteers and supporters chanted “Tito Ted, Tito Ted!” Marcelino won the majority of the polls over Roldan Sevillano and in a distant third, was Aglubub.

Ted Marcelino thanked the hard work by all his volunteers from day 1 to the last day of the campaign. He also mentioned that throughout the campaign, and pounding the pavement on a daily basis, he lost more than 27lbs.

Ted Marcelino is the brother-in-law of Flor Marcelino, who was easily re-elected in the riding of Logan.

Three other Filipno candidates that ran unsuccessfuly in this election were Pablito Sarinas (Liberal) and Jose Thomas (PC) in the Maples. Mohinder Saran was relected in the Maples riding. Dally Gutierrez (NDP) placed a distant second behind incumbent candidate, Kelvin Goertzen (PC) in Steinbach.

Here are the unofficial election results (at time of printing) for all Filipino candidates and the ridings they were running in. For official results, please visit the Elections Manitoba website.

Tyndall Park
Ted Marcelino (NDP) 2,576
Roldan Sevillano (Lib) 2,003
Cris Aglugub (PC) 905
Dean Koshelanyk (GPM) 249

Mohinder Saran (NDP) 3,886
Jose Thomas (PC) 1,943
Pablito Sarinas (LIB) 1,393
John Redekopp (GPM) 280

Flor Marcelino (NDP) 2,940
Joe Chan (Lib) 845
Tyrone Krawetz (PC) 838
Kristen Andrews (GPM) 324
David Tymoshchuk (CPC-M) 48

Kelvin Goertzen (PC) 5,469
Dally Gutierrez (NDP) 487
Lee Fehler (Lib) 439