Town Hall Meeting: A commitment to real dialogue

Town Hall Meeting: A commitment to real dialogue

By Aida Champagne

There are over 100 associations and groups of Filipino-Canadians in Manitoba. The common goal and mandate of these organizations is to unite, maintain, preserve and promote our Filipino culture in Canada, a place we call our second home. Filipinos in Manitoba have long established a strong foundation and have earned respect from all aspects of life in the community. Even with our busy schedules due to work and family commitments among other things, we still find time to get involved, participate, volunteer and help in every little way we can, especially in time of need. Our strong values, commitment and determination make us who we are.

Because of the growing Filipino population in Manitoba, it is very important that we are all aware of what is going on in our community, especially for the benefit of our children, the future generation; and our new immigrants.

As leaders, our Filipino and non-Filipino community look up to us with respect. We need to put aside personal interest of status and power in order to achieve goals that benefit everyone.

One of the many goals of the Filipino-Canadian Community Town Hall Meeting set on February 9, 2014 is to take a positive approach in determining avenues on how we can build and work together to maintain a strong healthy and vibrant community here in Manitoba. With participation of community stakeholders, we will be able to address the challenges and opportunities that we will all face as we move ahead in building a positive, strong and unified Filipino-Canadian community.

Aida Champagne is the current Chair of the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival and president of the Filipino Seniors Group of Winnipeg.