The Wave Splashes Eternal, part 13

The Wave Splashes Eternal, part 13

(On Blancmange and Crowded House)

Contrary to what many people say, I regard the Internet age as also the golden age of music because in this age a music enthusiast has the power to learn about and listen to whatever band, artist, or genre s/he prefers. All s/he needs are initiative, resourcefulness, and the interest to discover the old and the new and to rediscover what used to be only vaguely familiar to him. In the past, music lovers usually relied only on commercial radio and expensive music magazines just to know what was new. Today, one can anticipate if there are forthcoming albums by her favorite artists or new interesting bands.

For example, New Wave’s being my favorite genre of music, and because of the Internet, I can know right away if there’s something new.

The following are two more of my favorite pioneering New Wave / Postpunk bands that each has released a new album recently.

Blancmange. Formed in 1979 in Middlesex, England, by the vocalist Neil Arthur and the instrumentalists Stephen Luscombe and Laurence Stevens, Blancmange has released four studio albums: Happy Families (1982), Mange Tout (1984), Believe You Me (1985), and the latest, Blanc Burn (2011). Popular songs: “Waves” and “Lose Your Love.”

Crowded House: Formed in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia, by Neil Finn (vocals, guitar, piano) and Paul Hester (drummer) with Nick Seymour (bass) and Craig Hooper (guitar). The band has released six albums: Crowded House (1986), Temple of Low Men (1988), Woodface (1991), Together Alone (1993), Time on Earth (2007), and the latest, Intriguer (2010). Popular songs: “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” “Better Be Home Soon,” “Four Seasons in One Day,” and “Distant Sun.”

Final Note
Casual music listeners tend to appreciate only the hit radio singles of artists. The true music enthusiast, on the other hand, goes beyond that by taking the time to listen to full discographies and read on the history of bands and artists that they like.