The Thrills and Spills of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba: An Unforgettable Road Trip

Portage La Prairie, a little-known treasure nestled in the heart of Manitoba, was our chosen destination for an other Manitoba summer road trip. This charming town, often overshadowed by more renowned Manitoba attractions, delivered a perfect blend of tranquillity and excitement, making our trip nothing short of a memorable adventure.

Our journey commenced at the serene St. Ambrose Provincial Park. We spent the day soaking up the sun, the rhythm of the lapping waves providing the ideal soundtrack for our weekend escapade. The on-site Tiki Bar, added a dash of exotic fun to the day with its distinctive Mexican flair.

After a day filled with sand and sunshine, we moved on to Bill’s Sticky Fingers. This local favourite, renowned for its scrumptious ribs, burgers, and wings, hit the spot perfectly, rounding off our day with a satisfying culinary delight. However, our boys were not yet done. Making our way back to the hotel, the boys still had energy to jump in the pool for more aquatic adventures.

Bright and early the following day, we found ourselves at Connery’s Berry Farm. To our mild disappointment, we arrived a day early for strawberry picking, and still managed to drive away with a basket of pre-picked strawberries.

With our taste buds satiated but our boys’ enthusiasm for water fun undimmed, our next stop was the popular Splash Island. A popular destination among families during the summer, this water park offers a wealth of amusement for everyone, regardless of age. The array of slides, pools, fountains, and splash pads was enough to guarantee a day filled with laughs and splashes.

Thus, our adventure in Portage La Prairie concluded on an exceptionally high note.

Portage La Prairie, our endearing host for this unforgettable road trip, is a vibrant city steeped in heart-warming hospitality and rich history. The city exudes a unique charm, effortlessly blending the tranquillity of the countryside with the buzz of urban life. Its picturesque landscapes, friendly locals, and the abundant recreational opportunities make it a hidden gem worth exploring. So, here’s to the city of Portage La Prairie.