The Tenors Melted Hearts at MTS Centre, Sept. 18

The Tenors Melted Hearts at MTS Centre, Sept. 18

The Tenors concert that was held at MTS Centre on September 18, 2015, was a mix of upbeatness, playfulness, seriousness, nostalgia, and melancholy. The overall theme was about the celebration of the Tenor members’ relationship with their respective parents. The show also highlighted not only the quartet’s vocal prowess but also their proficiency with the musical instruments that each of them could play–piano, guitar, mandola, and bass, among a few more. Yes, unlike other vocal groups, The Tenors play musical instruments, and their rendition is oozing with passion and clarity. But they also had their backing band that made the entire presentation so full and textured.

Of their entire setlist for the show, “My Father’s Son” was the one that really made me and many of the audience members swoon and sing along to the chorus, obviously because many could well relate with the song’s lyrics. Anyone who has been close to his parents and who is doting of his own son would certainly fell for that particular song. The other songs on the setlist included “I Remember You”; “Angels Calling”; “Granada”; a cover of Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful,” which they dedicated to their mothers; “Lead with Your Heart”; “Forever Young”; “Home I’ll Be”; “Adagio”; and a take on “Something” by The Beatles.

Perhaps the best spiel heard from the guys during the show was, “We’re Mama’s [and Papa’s] boys,” uttering this usually derogatory quip with pride and love.
Yes, many people feel embarrassed in expressing their love for their parents or, in reverse, many children feel embarrassed when their parents express their love for them in public.

Not me. What’s wrong with that anyway? Whenever I see parents or children who feel shame in such expression of parental and filial love, I wonder what went wrong in their relationship with each other. I’ve always believe that parents’ love for their children and the children’s love for their parents is a beautiful emotion that should be celebrated and not to be downplayed or derogated.

Having said that, “My Father’s Son,” from The Tenors’ latest, fourth studio album (Under One Sky, 2015) may be regarded as the highlight of the show. It surely made many eyes there at the concert teary and noses runny.

The Tenors are a Canadian vocal quartet comprised currently by Remigio Pereira, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters, and Clifton Murray. The concept for the vocal group was formed in 2004; however, the eventual core of the group got to release their first album in 2008. To date, The Tenors have four studio albums to their credit: The Canadian Tenors (2008), The Perfect Gift (2009), Lead with Your Heart (2012), and Under One Sky (2015).