The Strength of Weakness

There aren’t many things in this world that have the power to dramatically change your life. Yet, bookstores, and television and radio ads are full of resources that promise to do just that. NOTHING CHANGES UNTIL YOU DO, THINK AND GROW RICH, THE POWER OF NOW, THE 48 LAWS OF POWER, the list could go on. The search for improvement is intense. Why? Because each of us has a generous assortment of weaknesses that we’d desperately like to trade for strengths.

Each one of us has a generous assortment of weaknesses that we’d desperately like to replace. We struggle in our relationships. We know our marriage could be better. We are not the parents we always thought we’d be. Our children seem to bring out the worst in us. Our weaknesses are magnified every day and, worse, we are now noticing them in our children. We feel defeated and powerless. We know things could be better if we could just change… but we can’t.

In our jobs, many of us have come to the depressing realization that we’re not quite as talented or gifted as we thought we were. Others are passing us by.

We have tried for years to corral impure thoughts and pursue holiness with no real progress. We’re racked by guilt every time we gossip but we can’t seem to stop. “White lies” make us look and sound better and seem to come without thought or effort.

Our bodies fail. Diabetes, heart problems, bad backs, stomach ailments, incontinence, migraines, worn out joints, bad vision, and many other ailments weaken us. Emotionally we become more and more fragile, stress and anxiety torment us. Increasingly smaller things bother us, and our emotional batteries run down quicker than they used to.

Weakness frightens us, we want to feel bold and powerful. The common perception is that weakness equals lack of power.

The logic seems clear and obvious. But it’s wrong. The biblical perspective on weakness is counter intuitive, and therein lays its great advantage. For Christian, weakness does not equal lack of power. In fact, we need to understand and accept a new paradigm. Our weakness is an opportunity to experience God’s power!

Accept your weakness! That is where God’s power will be most visible in your life. REMEMBER those things for which God promises His power, ask Him to demonstrate His power in your weakness, and then wait for God to show His power. DO it frequently. MAKE it a habit. LEARN to rest in His power. And when you begin to see and experience it – give Him the Glory.

This isn’t just a new idea, it is a new way of living. Hopefully you’ll see it’s the life God has always wanted you to live – a life of dependence.

Embracing our weakness. Finally, it makes sense.