The Filipino Vote in Winnipeg North

The Filipino Vote in Winnipeg North

The Winnipeg Free Press recently ran an article and an editorial after a recent trip to Winnipeg by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff regarding comments on the potential vote splitting that might happen on Monday, November 29 by-election in Winnipeg North.

There is a large Filipino population in Winnipeg North and as we’ve seen throughout the campaign period, the Liberal, NDP and Conservative parties have their fair share of Filipino supporters, volunteers and voters. An estimated 20% of the riding is composed of Filipino voters and as the second largest voting group, each party has a special interest in attracting the Filipino vote. To assume that any one party or any one candidate owns the Filipino vote is largely misguided.

Amidst the recent crime and violence in the riding, are we going to see voters fed up with being in opposition too long and looking for change and give Winnipeg North more clout in the House of Commons? In a riding that has largely been a NDP stronghold, the voters in Winnipeg North are going to vote for the candidate that best represents their interests and values.

At the end of the day, voters will have several candidates to choose from. In today’s digital age, being informed is as easy as going to the candidate’s website or Facebook page.

The articles that appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press are available on their website at The news releases provided by Liberal candidate Kevin Lamoureaux are available on his campaign website at We encourage all voters to be informed and make your own conclusions.

To learn more about each candidate, the Filipino Journal also provided each candidate with a questionnaire and their responses are also available on our website at

To all the candidates in the Winnipeg North By-Election, we wish you all the best of luck and may the best candidate win.