Salute to all the

They are called the heroes without cape! They are part of the first line of defense against the invisible foe that the whole world is still battling against. They keep us safe, well and fed at home while they are just a thin mask away from potentially risking their lives to COVID-19.

The whole world recognize the contributions of essential workers in the health and social care; food production and distribution supply chain; sales and delivery; public safety and national security; education and childcare; transport; local and national government; utilities, communication and key financial services; and key public services such as journalists, religious and charity staff; and all workers on the frontline amid this pandemic.

In this issue of the Filipino Journal, through the initiatives of 204 Filipino Marketplace and friends and loved ones of our frontliners who proudly submitted photos and offered accolades to honour their work and sacrifice to the nation, WE SALUTE YOU FRONTLINERS! You are the true heroes of today!

Photo courtesy: Jane Sarte
Photo credits: 204 Filipino Marketplace