Ten students receive Youth Recognition Award at 127th Rizal Martyrdom commemoration

The Youth Recognition Awardees with the officers and members of the Knights of Rizal Winnipeg Chapter. Front row, from left to right, Nica Agsalud, Nyah Claveria, Ethan Ansale, Alexa Caymo, John Carlo Schenkeveld, Francesca Carino, Ryan Malabanan, Julia Vallega, and Miah Tayen. 2nd Row, Dante Aviso, Nap Ebora, Beb Green, Mohamed Alli, Mike Pagtakahan, Minas Pagtakhan, Tom Colina, Ana Mariz Vergara, Valen Vergara, Julie Holland Javier, Joel Duque and Brian Mayes;3rd row, l to r: Maran Duque, Ken Green, Jacques Javier, Clarita Nazario, Kevin Lamoureux, Rod E, Cantiveros; last row, l to r, Akio Utsomomya, Ray Sator, and Ronald Mervin Sison.

“When we look at how we can address daunting challenges of the 21st century- the social, economic, and climate change issues of today- Rizal’s life practices in Dapitan especially where he was able to put into action what he studied and wrote about for years can be an inspiration to us, Filipinos”, the startling message delivered by MLA Malaya Marcelino, Minister of Labour and Immigration, as keynote speaker at the 127th Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, held last Saturday, December 30, 2023 at Kum Koon Garden.

Malaya added to inspire the ten youth recipients: “This, then, is Rizal’s legacy for the 21st Century: the creation of a robust community, a demonstration of what it takes to pursue the common good.”

Ten students with the highest academic grades received the Knights of Rizal’s annual Youth Recognition and these include Nica Agsalud, Elmwood High School, to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, University of Manitoba (U of M); Ethan Ansale, Seven Oaks MET School, U of M University 1 Studies, plans to enroll at Faculty of Education; Francesca Carino, Sisler High School, U of M Faculty of Science, Computer Science; Alexa Caymo, St. James Collegiate, Faculty of Arts, Linguistic and Psychology, U of M; Nyah Claveria, Kelvin High School, U of M Universit 1 Studies, plans to pursue Nursing; Ryan Malabanan, Sisler High School, Western University, to pursue Business Administration; Kristel Marasigan, Sisler High School, U of M Faculty of Science, Computer Science; John Carlo Schenkeveld, Gorden Bell High School, U of M University 1 Studies, and plans to take up education; Miah Tayen, Murdoch Mackay Collegiate, U of M Faculty of Science, Computer Science who wants to be an Astrophysicist; and Julia Vallega, Sisler High School, Sisler Post High School Program on Animation.

Student awardee John Carlo Schenkeveld delivered a message representing the ten recipients of the Youth Recognition Award.

Officers and members of Ladies of Rizal, front row, l to r: Leah Magsino, past president; Linda Alli, auditor; Julie Holland Javier, president; Vivan Santos, board members; Clarita Nazario, vice president; Ana Mariz Vergara, board member; back row, from l to r: Tricia Magsino-Barnabe, board member; Minas Pagtakhan, asst,. treasurer; Beb Green, asst. secretary, and Magan Duque, board member.

Lady Councillor Vivian Santos, chairperson, Youth Recognition Award, instilled her message to the ten outstanding student awardees she said: “I want to encourage you to embrace your journey with courage, curiosity, and kindness. Be bold in pursuing your dreams, but also stay humble and admit limitations. Stay open to studies from others, but at the same time, stay true to your conviction.”

“Congratulations to all students awardees. With your community volunteerism, extracurricular activities, and academic excellence, we feel that each of you has the talent, drive, insight, and creativity to become leaders in your own right and become game changers in our community, in our city, in our province, and our country”, said Sir Mike Pagtakhan, KOR Winnipeg Chapter Commander.

The program started with the rendition of “Oh Canada” by Dr. Tricia Magsino-Barnabe, and Ronald Mervin Sison sang “Lupang Hinirang. Three levels of the government delivered youth-inspiring messages, from MP Winnipeg North Centre, Kevin Lamoureux; MLA Bernadette Smith, Minister of Housing, Homelessness, Addictions and Mental Health; City of Winnipeg Councillor Cindy Gilroy.

Photos by Anthony Quejano