Here to succeed!

Here to succeed!

by Manitoba Start Staff

Newcomers arrive in Manitoba with a vision to succeed. The purpose for immigrating is often to access new possibilities or to provide better opportunities for family and loved ones. Remind yourself: “I came to Canada to thrive, not just survive. I’m here to succeed!” A can-do attitude and the “abundance mentality” will help you to use your strengths and skills to create a world of possibilities in your new situation. Anton’s story is an example of this approach:

Within two weeks of arriving in Winnipeg, Anton had applied for 15 jobs, and soon had 3 interviews lined up. One company interviewed him five times before they finally made him a job offer. Amazingly, it was an insurance sales company—and Anton’s background was in IT! Anton also did not have a valid driver’s license or his own vehicle, which were requirements for this particular position. However, the hiring committee was impressed by Anton’s communication skills and upbeat attitude. They believed he had great potential in the industry, and decided to give him a chance.

Anton received assistance from Manitoba Start in planning his job search and creating his resume. After gaining employment, he returned to Manitoba Start to share his interview tips and job search strategies with other newcomers. Anton considers this new job his long-term career path, and believes there will continue to be room and resources to grow his career and achieve his goals.

Keep the abundance mentality in your job search:

  • Focus on the abundance of possibilities. Think about all the job opportunities that are out there.
  • Keep a win-win perspective. For example, if you participate in an interview but don’t get the job, you still win because you’ve gained more interview experience and employer feedback. Leave the win-lose mindset behind.
  • Appreciate the skills and resources you do have. This will keep your mind positive and open to possibilities.
  • Stay organized. Prepare your resume, cover letter, and other marketing tools. Dress for success. Plan your job search.
  • Network with other people who are positive and have an abundance mentality. Go out and meet people. Stay active.
  • Share ideas and opportunities with others. Something may not be the right fit for you, but it could be a great opportunity for an acquaintance.

“People with an abundance mentality believe there are enough resources available to accomplish their goals.”