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Storm brewing in Cesar Montano’s household

Storm brewing in Cesar Montano’s household

Talent manager Alfie Lorenzo confirmed that actor Cesar Montano has left the home he shared with wife Sunshine Cruz for many years.

Lorenzo said it was Cruz herself who asked Montano to leave their house. Montano is now staying at an undisclosed hotel for the past three days.
The root of the brouhaha was a text message from starlet Krista Montano which was discovered by the couple’s daughters. According to Lorenzo, Cruz confronted Montano about Miller and was dismayed to learn that some of her gifts are now in the hands of the starlet.
Miller appears in “The Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim.” an upcoming movie of Montano.
Members of the showbiz media tried to contact Montano, Cruz and Miller but received no comments from them.
Meanwhile, Cruz hired lawyer Atty. Bonito Alentajan who was quick to issue a statement to media requesting the general public to respect the privacy of her client, adding that the matter is a private affair that should be solve away from the prying eyes of the public. Lorenzo also denied reports that the whole thing is just a gimmick to promote Montano’s movie. The Buzz” said it tried to contact Montano, Cruz and Miller but they refused to comment.
Cruz’s lawyer, Alentajan, however, gave a statement to “The Buzz.”
“I respectfully request that the general public respect their privacy. If there is a private matter to resolve, let’s leave it as it is,” the statement read.

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