Staying productive, motivated and mentally healthy while working from home

Staying productive, motivated and mentally healthy while working from home

Companies all across North America are having to shift their workforce to working remotely or working from home amid on-going COVID-19 events. Employees, where and when possible are now learning how to work virtually and for many people in the tech sector, working virtually comes with the territory. There are many companies that are new to remote working and in doing so, companies have expectations that their remote work force is equally if not more productive.
If you’re new to working from home, here are some tips and opportunities that will help you maximize your performance.

1. Select a dedicated workspace.
Find a comfortable space in your home to setup a worksation that can accomodate your equipment. This could be a dedicate home office, a spare bedroom or a table.

2. Establish a routine
It’s important to keep a similar routine just like you were going to the office. Wake up and get ready at the same time. Even more importanly, use time blocking to ensure high priority activities are schedule and completed.

3. Stay connected with your team
Many technology teams have a morning huddles in-person when they were in the office. The same connections should be happening viritually with daily or weekly scheduled meetings, and booked in everyone’s calendar.

4. Set yourself up for success
Get ready for the day in the same way as if you were in the office. That may include getting your morning cup of coffee, building your to-do list, watering your plants, scroll through LinkedIn for daily updates.

5. Take scheduled breaks
Make time to do something else such as working out, taking a break with family members, or a walk around the block. Again, if you took a break at the office, try to keep the same activity.

6. Rediscover your commute time
Let’s face it, you’re not going to be driving to work anymore. Use that 15-20-30 minute commute to dedicate to improving yourself. That may include a longer morning workout, listening to a podcast, or take in a free LinkedIn course. Coincidentally, LinkedIn announced eight free online courses on working remotely.