Springhill Winter Snow Park

Springhill Winter Snow Park

Saturday, 25 January 2020, cloudy sky, minus 6 Celsius with slight windchill, and a little gust of wind – quite a perfect day for alpine (downhill) skiing at the Springhill Winter Sports Park .

Springhill Winter Sports Park is only fifteen (15) minutes from the Manitoba capital city of Winnipeg located at Highway 59 North on Oasis Road, a few kilometers south on the Red River Floodway where there’s an access to natural underground springs essential for snowmaking. The Government of Manitoba has thought about opening a ski hill in this area since 1973.

With seven (7) hectares of skiable area, the winter park is a great winter experience.

Springhill stands at 130 vertical feet with ten (10) runs and has three (3) lifts – one quad (four skiers) chairlift and two (2) rope tows and includes Manitoba’s top terrain park, a mogul run, a race run, and wide areas for learning. The terrain park, containing many man-made and natural jumps, ramps, embankments, and other terrains known as “features” (vary in difficulty and change constantly due to snow conditions, weather, usage, grooming, and time of day) is the outdoor recreation area that allows skiers, snowboarders and snowbikers to perform tricks . Springhill, with good lighting for night runs, has 100% snowmaking capability and daily grooming to ensure the best local snow condition.

It’s helpful to know about skiing ability levels whether you are novice or pro: level 1 means never ski before; level 2, beginner, still learning to turn both directions and stop on gentle terrains using snowplow; level 3, novice, able to link snowplow turns on green terrains; level 4, intermediate, able to execute basic sweeping parallel turns with properly timed pole plants, and level 5, advanced, able to execute strong parallel turns with pole plants. Don’t worry; everyone has to start at the beginning.

It is also important to get familiar with the ski trails difficulty. The easiest (represented by colour green circles) are the gentle slopes, generally wide and groomed; the intermediate (represented by colour blue squares) generally trails are groomed but more difficult and steeper than beginners’ trails; and advanced trails (represented by colour black diamond) most difficult, steep and narrow, may or may not be groomed.

Since the early 80s my family (now including our grand kids) has spent decades mastering the slopes and enjoying the recreational winter activity with the incredible feeling of freedom! A family that skis together stays together!

We all started at Springhill!, a great place to learn alpine skiing. The resort offers family lesson package, a great way to embrace the Manitoba winter by getting off the couch and out of the house – a great way to bond with the kids. Family memories are also best shared at the slopes.

Also at the site is the Canadian Ski Patrol, first aid service, a fully operational kitchen, and a T-Bar Lounge.

The season starts 15 December 2019 and runs until 1 April 2020. And remember Thrifty Wednesday at Springhill – you can ski for only eighteen ($18) all day. Enjoy and ski safely!