“Sponsoring” your parents with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

“Sponsoring” your parents with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

On November 4, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced that it would not accept new sponsorship applications for parents for the next 24 months. As a result, individuals who want to sponsor their parents to immigrate to Canada can no longer do so.

While Citizenship and Immigration Canada is no longer taking Family Class applications, parents who qualify under other immigration programs can still immigrate to Canada. Manitobans wanting to reunite with their parents should consider whether their parents qualify under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

How can I use Manitoba’s Family Support Stream for my parents?
While the Provincial Nominee Program is not a sponsorship program, parents who qualify under Manitoba’s Family Support Stream can become permanent residents.
Because the Family Support Stream has a maximum age, qualifying parents must be 49 years of age or younger. If a parent is older, the Family Support Stream cannot be used.

Parents who meet the age requirement and the other criteria of this stream may be able to immigrate to Canada.

How can I use Manitoba’s General Stream for my parents?
If the Family Support Stream does not work, another option is Manitoba’s General Stream. The General Stream allows individuals to immigrate if they score a minimum of 55 points based on their characteristics and other qualifications under the program.

While there is no age restriction under the General Stream, older individuals score fewer points under the General Stream’s “age” factor. In fact, parents 54 years of age or older score zero points under the “age” factor.

If a parent has never worked or studied in Manitoba and is 54 years of age or older, it can be difficult to score the minimum 55 points. These parents likely need to have at least a bachelor’s degree, 4 years of recent full-time work experience, and a very high proficiency in English or French. While there are many other possible combinations that can allows a parent to score 55 points, parents with less work experience, less education, or a lower proficiency in English or French will have very limited chances to immigrate under the General Stream.

If my parent is approved by Manitoba, is a visa guaranteed?
Even if your parent is approved by Manitoba, the parent must meet all of the regular criteria to be allowed into Canada. This includes passing medical, security and criminal screening.

In addition, if a parent has not worked for some time or cannot prove that they will become economically established in Canada, their application could be denied by the embassy or consulate abroad on this basis.

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