Some Random Thoughts on Human Tendencies

Lalo na at nandito na ang tag-lamig, karamihan sa atin ay mas gugustuhin pang manatli na lang sa kani-kanilang bahay kapag walang pasok sa trabaho o paaralan at kung wala namang mahalagang bagay na lalakarin. Marami rin namang mapagkakaabalahan sa bahay: Maglinis, mag-ayus-ayos ng mga gamit, manood ng TV o ng mga pelikula, makinig ng musika, magbasa ng libro, o di kaya ay magmuni-muni.

Ako pag wala akong magawa, isa sa aking paboritong pagkaabalahan e ang magsulat. Aking inilalapat sa panulat ang kung anu-anong naiisip ko na hatid ng aking obserbasyon sa paligid at sa aking mga kapwa tao at pati na rin sa aking sarili.

Ilan lang ito sa aking mga naiisip sa mga sandaling malikot ang aking pag-iisip, lumalangoy sa pilosopiya ng isip at riyalidad ng buhay.

“People Are People” (They Have Different Needs)

Many people mistake their personal taste or choices as the universally default taste or option for everyone. So, once they find something unappealing to them, they assume that it should therefore be unappealing also to the rest of the world. This behavior qualifies as being egocentric, which means that the person believes that his taste or preferences are the only choices that matter, whereas those of others either suck or are wrong.

“So we’re different colours
And we’ve different creeds
And different people have different needs….”
“Light and Shade” (Do We Change or Remain the Same?)
Do people really change, even without experiencing extremely life-turning situations? On the other hand, could a person stay the same in character even after undergoing desperate or trying circumstances in his life?
Sometimes when we assess our own selves, looking back to our childhood or youthful versions, and then compare these with our present forms, we have the tendency to think that we remained the same.
But did we really remain the same? Do we really know ourselves that much, enough for us to know if we really remained the same or if we did change after all?
Sometimes I like to think that I did not change, that I am the same person I used to be, say 30 or 20 years ago.
But, thinking more deeply about it, I’m feeling that I did change to a different person after all.
If that should be the case–that I am now a very different person today compared with the old me–then I just hope that I have rather become a better version of my old self…
Because to think that I have instead unknowingly become the reverse or, at the least, a worse representation of my old self breaks my heart.
“Be proud to wear the colours that you call your own
Be loud, speak out when you want the world to know
Be strong, hold the flame for everyone to see
Be weak…if you want to love”
“Whatever Possessed You” (Never Dampen Your Spirits)
When a full-fledged poet is in a dire transitional time in his life, the greatest things that can lift his spirits are positive thoughts and ideas of bright new horizons and new opportunities and possibilities.
He is thinking of participating more in various community events; pursuing all his book projects; and looking into engaging in other worthwhile activities.
The only way from darkness is light. The only cure for misery is grabbing better opportunities. The only way to succeed is to love and respect oneself and to leave the past behind and stay focused on the foreseeable future.
“November cold frost bites
Deep as the snow flowers form
This bed is colder than chloroform
“Never darken my door
Whatever possessed you all
Somewhere there’s an end to this
Woe betide me
I wouldn’t dream of it…”

Sa Madaling Salita

Kung ikaw ay nag-iisa at walang magawa, ikaw at magmuni-muni at bigyan ng kulay at pag-unawa ang mga bagay-bagay na iyong napupuna sa iyong paligid at kapwa. Hanapan ang mga ito ng aral na mapupulot, na iyong magagamit sa sariling buhay.