Skating Towards Success: QPAM’s Adult Learn to Skate Program

An important and transformative program is gaining momentum, changing lives one glide at a time. The QPAM Adult Learn to Skate Program, generously supported by the Manitoba Arts, Culture, and Sport Fund, has become a beacon of community engagement, wellness, and personal growth. This unique initiative not only aims to teach adults the art of skating but also fosters a sense of belonging and accomplishment among its participants.

At the core of the QPAM Learn to Skate Adult Session is the belief that learning new skills, particularly in adulthood, can significantly enhance one’s lifestyle, mental health, and social connections. Funded by the Manitoba Arts, Culture, and Sport Fund, the program is a testament to the government’s commitment to enriching the community’s cultural and sports landscape. By investing in such programs, the Fund highlights the intrinsic value of combining arts, culture, and sport to create comprehensive developmental opportunities for adults.

The program recently gained additional recognition and support with the attendance of special guests Councillor of Old Kildonan Ms. Demi Sharma and the Honourable Glen Simard, Minister of Sports, Culture, Heritage, and Tourism. Their presence underscored the importance of community and government backing for initiatives that contribute to the cultural and physical well-being of Manitobans.

Councillor Sharma expressed admiration for the program’s impact on community engagement and individual empowerment. Seeing adults from various walks of life come together to learn, support each other, and embrace the joy of skating is truly inspiring.

Minister Simard highlighted the program’s alignment with the government’s vision for a vibrant, active, and culturally rich Manitoba. The QPAM Adult Learn to Skate Program exemplifies how sports and culture can be powerful tools for community development and personal growth.

From beginners to those looking to refine their skills, the program is designed to ensure that every participant finds joy and confidence on the ice.

As the QPAM Adult Learn to Skate Program continues to grow, it carries with it the hopes and dreams of adults across the province, proving that it’s never too late to learn, grow, and skate towards a brighter future.

Join the QPAM Adult Learn to Skate program for it’s last two sessions. Participants must have their own skates and helmet.

March 16: Public “Skating Lessons”
Our talented Seven Oak instructors and coaches will open the rink for public skating lessons. This session is designed to share our expertise with the wider community, showcasing the joy and benefits of skating to all.

March 23: FINAL SESSION – Family & Friends Skate
To culminate our program, we’re hosting a Family & Friends Skate, inviting all participants, their loved ones, and public officials who have supported our lessons and grants. It’s a time to celebrate our achievements, the friendships formed, and the community we’ve built together.